We recently received this awesome note from the Red Nation Robotics team and wanted to share it with you.

To Tru-Design and Blue Crew Too Robotics:

Red Nation Robotics thanks you for your gracious donation of carbon fiber materials. We at Team 4576 can not fully convey how grateful we are for Tru-Design’s contribution to our 2017 competition robot, and with this benefaction your company is allowing the members of our team to gain the skills of engineering, leadership, and problem solving. Because of the assets your company has provided, we have gained the ability to create our best robot yet, hopefully making this our best season yet. We are confident for our upcoming competitions. We believe that this year will mark our return to World Championship, and for this we thank Tru-Design for supplying the components that made this season possible. Below we have attached pictures of how our team has integrated the carbon fiber parts to our 2017 robot.

Thank you,
Sarah Norris
Marketing Lead
Red Nation Robotics

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