East Tennessee is well known for its beauty, the Great Smoky Mountains, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, and authentic bluegrass music. However, while many things about East Tennessee are easily recognizable, there are also several little known facts about the great state of Tennessee. Tru Design is wedged in the Tennessee valley, between the Tennessee riverbed and the Great Smoky Mountains. This modern, urban wilderness smack in the middle of the vast Appalachian Mountains is the obvious choice, not only for us, but for many people looking to work and play in a place that so many call “home sweet home.”

Here are some of the little known facts businesses can look into if they are interested in maximizing their opportunities in 2015 and beyond:

  • Oak Ridge is known as the Energy Capital of the World for its constant energy research.
  • On a clear day, seven states are visible from Lookout Mountain.
  • The Walnut Street Bridge, in Chattanooga, spans a half-mile across the Tennessee River. Making it the longest pedestrian bridge in the world.

For more fun facts about East Tennessee and why we settled our additive manufacturing technologies business here, click here to find out.

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