Polynt-Reichhold also displayed 3D printed composite tooling, specifically for an automotive hood, featuring character lines (aesthetic details) which were not printed, but instead machined into the tool surface. The program included the partners below.

The tool was printed using a chopped carbon fiber compound from Techmer PM and a Cincinnati Inc. BAAM machine. It was then sprayed with TD Coat RT high-build coating by TruDesign and CNC machined to final dimensions by Additive Engineering Solutions (AES). “We can print extremely fast and then spray to impart vacuum integrity and final features,” explains Polynt-Reichhold’s Rick Pauer. “We have 23 hours in this mold,” he adds, “including print, high-build, machining and final release coat.”

Polynt-Reichhold high-build coating, applied by TruDesign, helps transform this 3D printed CFRP tool into a finely-detailed car hood mold. SOURCE: CW.

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