Reason for Print

3D Platform wanted to showcase what our printers could accomplish on a large scale. What more fun and better way to do that than 3D printing a car, or at least part of a car! We were looking for an application that would allow us to showcase the size of the Excel machine and demonstrate the pellet extruder. For the first print we knew we wanted to go with a scaled down version of a car and thought we’d start with printing just the front.

Print Process

We performed a couple of different test prints on different types of cars:

  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Corvette

These cars all printed well until we got to the final few layers. There was a lot of fine detail in these prints and some overhangs and places where bridging was necessary that we were unable to accomplish. So, we continued searching for a print with less overhangs and settled on the Pagani Zonda. We modified the model a bit to make sure that there were no overhangs greater than 40 degrees and printed a smaller test version of the hardest part (the front of the car) to start. Once we successfully completed this smaller piece of the print we started the final version.


We have partnered with Tru Design on the finishing of this print. They used their high fill primer and paint process like the Cincinnati Cobra for this finishing.

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