TD Coating Products
Our award wining Additive Manufacturing (AM) functional coating products are available in high build room temperature TD Coat™, low viscosity barrier coating TD Seal™ (for high temperature vacuum service), and TD Sand primer. Our line of coatings were specially designed to work with a wide variety of large printer format polymer based substrates and feature very high adherence.

*All coatings require MEKP or equivalent catalyst at a mix ratio of 1.5%. Sold separately.

TD Coat P™ and TD Coat RT™

A high build thermoset material, our TD Coat™ products can be applied up to an inch thick. These coatings are easily machinable and capable of having features cut into the coating, such as cooling channels or cosmetic features. Incredibly strong, our coatings have high adherence and have been shown to improve the strength between bead layers by up to five times. These products are perfect for hiding the “corduroy” texture of 3D printed objects.

TD Seal HT™ and TD Seal RT™

Our high temperature TD Seal HT sealer can be used in autoclave processes up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. TD Seal HT™ will provide a vacuum tight seal and can be buffed and polished for a final tooling finish. Works great on carbon fiber prepreg tools as well. Our TD Seal RT has similar characteristics with a lower post cure temperature. TD Seal RT can be used for temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

TD Seal HT or RT can replace gel coat in your mold application. With a Shore D hardness rating of 90+, TD Seal can withstand the toughest application. TD Seal can be applied wet on wet (no sanding between coats), and is very easy to sand and buff to a mirror finish before post cure. Can replace gel coat in most applications, doesn’t require sanding between coats, and is much easier to polish to a mirror finish.

TD Sand™

Our newest coating TD Sand™ is a high build primer that can be used in room temperature or up to 300 degree Fahrenheit applications. Has high adhesion to the majority of thermoplastics and thermosets and can act as a barrier coat for the application of other finishing materials including standard urethane paint systems. TD Sand can hide the texture of higher resolution prints and fill in pinholes. 

Printed Mold

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TD Coat RT on Guinness Book of World Records largest 3D printed tool