Tru-Design, LLC can best be described as the world’s leading authority on finishing of large scale 3D printed parts. We have developed a special line of coatings formulated to allow Class A finishes on final parts and working surfaces for manufacturing tools. Our team and strengths allow us to also design, test, and produce advanced carbon fiber composite prototypes and products for businesses specializing in building products related to energy and natural resource conservation, transportation, automotive repair, retail technology, medical equipment, and more. Examples include: wind turbines, boats and nautical products, sporting goods, musical instruments, vehicles, automotive parts, knee braces, and more.

A unique partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility and over 10 years of experience developing manufacturing processes for carbon fiber and composites have helped Tru-Design become an industry leader in creative design, innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, and composite application research. Our industry experience includes manufacturing and selling parts to several markets, including the aerospace, automotive and trucking industries, products on Worldwide Equipment vehicles, developing high precision carbon fiber based mirrors for Provision’s 3D point of sale displays, refinishing 3D printed products, developing the surface finishing on the 3D printed Shelby Cobra, and more. Tru-Design is also a current participant of the Oak Ridge Carbon Fiber Composites Consortium.

Our Specialties and Core Competenciescarbonfiber

  • First class finishing of large scale 3D printed parts.
  • Prototyping and production of composite and carbon fiber products.
  • High precision tolerances (+/-10 micron for certain applications).
  • Extensive knowledge of different resins for various uses and applications.
  • Creative ideas and innovative practices.
  • Research and development of advanced material prototypes and products.
  • Manufacture products using advanced materials, technology, and equipment.

Mission Statement

Tru-Design’s mission is to create, develop, and finish products using creative solutions and unyielding standards. With innovative practices, unique abilities, and reliable resources, we aim to take materials development and product creation to the next level of performance and design, as well as energy and natural resource conservation. With vast potential in almost any industry, we believe 3D Printing offer exceptional benefits to the future of manufacturing and product creation. Tru-Design, LLC has the capability, talent, and imagination to create marketable products that are – or will be – essential in increasing the performance of several industries and areas of the economy.



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